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2.6l run 180° out?

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Will a 1994 2.6l run if the camshaft is 180° out of time?
My 2.6 starts hard but once running seems to run well. It might be a little underpowered and it has poor gas mileage…
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Have you ever removed the distributor?
if so, there is a chance it is off.
if not, there is a chance the timing is alite off.
probably not a full 180.

here is how to check it...
Turn the engine over by hand until the timing marks are lined up. Pop off the distributor cap verify that the rotor is pointing to #4 plug wire.
Since Isuzu has #1 at the rear it’s not uncommon for the distributor to be installed incorrectly. I had an old amigo that a shop class rebuilt but then could never get it to run. It was as simple as installing the distributor correctly. That engine would not run, but coughed and sputtered with back fires.
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