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1st Gen Trooper Switches

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I was going through some old pics, and I thought that I'd share, to help keep the ideas flowing in everyone's heads.

In my 88 Trooper I had several additional switches. On the left I had a switch for the video screen, and for the ac compressor. On the right I had 3 factory switches for driving lights. On the front of the console I had 5 switches, for various things like the inverter, and a rear light. At the bottom is a pic of a pair of switches and additional cigarette lighter sockets on the side of the center console. Somewhere I have a pic of my ARB locker switches, which replaced the factory cigarette lighter, but I can't seem to find it off-hand.

The left site:

The right side:

I also put 5 switches on the front of the console:

Switches on the side of the center console:

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Looks rather busy in my opinion,but as long as everything has a purpose i guess ya gotta put the switches somewhere..hehe.
Tad, two quick questions. Where did you get the switches that fit in the factory holes under the radio. #2: How did you fasten that little plate where the rear defog switch goes after you drilled out the studs to fit the rocker switches?

The switches on the left hold that plate on. They have plastic nuts on the back which I installed after I drilled the holes out. Those switches are available at radio shack, both lighted and plain black. The switches to the right of the heater controls I bought new from Isuzu. They weren't cheap, but they fit perfectly.

Thank you. Do you have a part number for those switches?
dude thats alot going on in that cab :shock:
Yea, it was a lot going on. It all worked too. Things are a little bit simplier in my current Trooper.

I don't have a clue what the part number on the switches is. I just ordered 3 more fog light switches for 88-91 Troopers.

Ok, thanks again. I guess it's time to give Merlin a call...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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