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Hi all,
I will have available very soon (like within 30 days) brand new 1st generation Trooper hood scoops. I have taken an original to a custom shop and the tool or mold is being produced as we speak by a fiberglass company that makes custom pieces for auto applications right here in California. The finished scoops will be primed and paint ready. the original grill piece that mounts into the mouth of the scoop could not be reproduced so instead we are glassing in a mesh..most likely black. Of course if you request it the mesh can be left out and one could do whatever they want in the mouth of the scoop. I expect to have the first finished scoop within 30 days at the latest.probably alot sooner..I will take some shots and then I'm mounting it onto my 1990 Trooper and will take some shots. Right now it looks like the price is going to be 185.00 ea. plus shipping. I don't want to accept any payments until I have the mold and the first scoop finished and to my satisfaction..Once I'm happy I will take orders and we will make the first production run. From the time the order is placed the producer is telling me around 2 weeks to fill it. Of course this is falling around the holidays but if I get an order in early enough I may have scoops shipping out in time for Christmas and holidays..These scoops will also have the correct bracing that runs across the inside center of the scoop like the factory unit. I checked the mounting position on my Trooper to see if we could relocate the mounting points to clear under hood bracing but it just wasn't feasible..The way I will install mine is to mark it out and drill the holes through the hood and the brace where needed..I will then take like a 1" hole saw and drill a hole into the brace where the bolt will go through to give me access. Then mount the scoop with some bolts and washers etc that will go from underneath and up into the scoop which will have a captive nut glassed in and reinforced at the factory locations..This is different from the factory but it is the common way to do it on aftermarket scoops and the factory had molded in stand offs with glassed in studs which we cannot least not without much greater expense...I would not bolt against the bracing as the bracing does flex some and that would cause stress on the scoop so you want to go through and bolt to the actual hood. I'd like to know if anyone is interested in these so please send me a PM if interested..I have these priced comparable with other scoops for more common vehicles and as you know the market is limited with Troopers..
Thanks guys!
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