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OK, I finally found one in a weird place.

Some of you may know that my other passion is woodworking. I have a small shop and enjoy making stuff for family and friends as gifts.

Anyhow, a website that I enjoy called Woodworking for Mere Mortals features a garage woodworker who is not only some what off beat, but also posts some informative videos to the site.

In the following link there is a video that runs for 2:33 and mostly talks about a thing called a Cahon. Far as I can tell its some kind of hillbilly drum thingie that you sit on and slap to make "music".

Anyhow. Toward the end of the video he takes us on a trip down San Fransisco's most twisted street. Not the one all the tourists know about according to him.

The Rodeo can be found at the 2:16 mark in the video. ... ipper.html
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