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1st gen Clutch Damper Elimination-with photos

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Home sick with the flu so have time to catch up on photos I've wanted to share for years now.

When my clutch master began leaking I decided to go through the whole system. I replaced the master, the slave, and removed the damper. The damper had leaked, back in 2008 I think it was, and damaged the pristine paint on the inner well. arrgghh. I tried mightily to loosen the flare fittings on the damper without damage, with no luck. So, I opened it up and replaced the innards from a new unit I bought from Jerry. Easy solution.
That thing bugged me though.
The stock clutch is already way soft, so why the damper? Another do I really want to do this moment, but this decision was easy. Get rid of it.
My first attempt LOOKED better, but had two potential leak points, and was actually very tricky to get lined up and tightened down.
My second attempt doesn't look as pretty, but is much less complicated. I'll replace it eventually. Bending tubing and attempting to replicate the stock bends is really tricky. I discovered that cheap tubing benders are basically a waste of time. Same with cheap flaring tools. Time dims the pain, but if I recall, trying to get that pipe free from the master cylinder, down in that hole, right up against the firewall, was a big pain in the *** due to it being a solid inflexible unit. Now, loosen the inline connector, pull the master, THEN remove the short piece of tubing from the master. I might not have done this if I didn't have a damper, but....I'm glad I made the effort. y'all might consider installing an inline double flare fitting next time you have to replace your clutch master.
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If anyone is interested here is a flickr link with a few photos.[email protected]/484W3mA7xv

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