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Per ebay:

Vehicle Description

You are bidding on my 1996 Honda Passport LX 4WD, with a manual 5-speed transmission. I will give you an extremely detailed description of the car, with every attempt to describe every known problem to the best of my capabilities. I want you to know that this is an absolutely wonderful car, but I want you to be able to buy with the confidence that you know everything about the car. So, I hope not to downplay my sale ad, but to differentiate my car by divulging all information to you - thus making your sale a confident, well-informed decision.

I am an automotive enthusiast and take extremely good care of my vehicles. I have worked at three different car shops and take pride in my meticulous attention to detail.

Please take the time to read my full description as I have taken great care to describe the vehicle in detail.

Title: The title is clean & clear, and has no liens.

Body/Chassis: The car is a bright glossy red and is in great condition. This car is RUST free. I take special care to keep the car washed and waxed. I use Meguiars car wash and Zymol wax because I've always have had good results with them. There are the normal bug nicks up front on the hood, and there is a small rubbed area (size of a quarter) in front of the drivers tail-light. That same tail-light is cracked but does not leak or effect the operation of the light. The drivers side rear fender flair has a small hole in the plastic. The front fender has light scratches, but as you can see from the pictures, they are not bad at all. The car looks absolutely great as you can see from the pictures, but any 8 year old car will have it's own imperfections.

3.2 V6 motor: This motor runs perfectly. I would not hesistate to take it on a cross-county vacation. I change the oil myself every 2,500 miles and use Purolator filters.

Recent maintenance:

- (1) O2 sensor, 4th bank.

- (6) OEM NGK spark plugs, cleaned coilpacks & dielectric greased the connections.

- (1) Flex-section (exhaust) from MIDAS.

- (1) Redline Water-Wetter added to coolant.

- (1) OEM Windshield wiper connecting arm, also new wiper blades.

5-speed Manual Transmission:
Here is the absolutely great part about the car. December of 2002 it recieved a new transmission, new transfer case, and a new clutch. Transmissions Unlimited, INC in Port Clinton/Cleveland, Ohio did the job. The total was $3,900 and I do have the detailed reciept. Needless the say, the car shifts precisely and is smooth as can be. This is one 4WD SUV that you will not have to worry about the transmission and transfer case (or clutch for that matter!). The shift-on-the-fly 4WD system works great and has 4HI, 4LOW, and 2HI.

Interior: Spotless! There are no rips, tears, or stains and I do not smoke, nor do I allow my passengers to smoke. The dash is crack free. The upholstery is a gray cloth, the dash is gray as well and the instrument surround is black. It has the stock tape deck unit, and it works well. The rear passenger window will not roll down, because of a faulty window regulator. I just looked them up and they are $75 brand new. I can install per your request.

Please treat this sale with the same respect that I have given to you, by only bidding if you are ready to purchase.

I welcome all inquiries! Please email me with any questions to [email protected]. If you would like to speak with me in person, you may call my cell phone at (330)554-4125. Thank you all very much, and good luck with the bidding!


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what happened to the trans that it needed replacing? my 96 Rodeo decided to eat the gears inside on Xmas leaving me and my family on the side of RT 80. Just wondering if your trans suffered the same fate
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