Green 1995 Trooper. In 2013 I put a 86k miles 3.2 DOHC engine in of the same year. Originally bought it was a blown SOHC 3.2. I have put another 20k or so on it since then. Body has over 200k now.

Runs great, always has. Starts right up after sitting for months.
Jeep ZJ Moog Springs in back/torsion bars lift.
Excellent 285/65r16 General Grabber Tires in great shape.
Recharged A/C, blows cold.
All windows motors work, lol!
Newish ball joints.
Newish CV axles.
Clutch included - During swap I noticed the clutch was in great shape, so I left it, and never returned the clutch kit. So there you go!
New Radiator
New spark plugs and wires
Manual Aisin Hubs. Might have auto hubs in a box somewhere.

TLC Items-
Have valve cover gaskets that needs put on, very slow oil use from this.
I just ripped the tailpipe off hunting this fall. Will try to find time to weld it back on. Magnaflow muffler btw.
Broke the front seat spring(sitting on a pillow, lol). Can try to weld that too.
Rear side window(Driver side rear) got blasted a rock from my mower, ouch. Still in, just spidered, tint makes it less noticeable.
Needs windshield, can negotiate putting one in, but I don't have it register right now to drive on road, so.... Pulled a truck out of mud and tow strap really wiped me and I head butted the windshield, ouch.

I drove this as my daily for years, but has been my camp/hunting rig for the past 3. Needs to move on sadly. I love this vehicle and wanted to post it here before another classifieds area.