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Looking to sell my current daily driver. It is a 95 Honda Passport 4wd EX model with 159,000. Has the normal Isuzu Tick, but drives great and pulls down 16mpg in town and 21-22 on the Highway. It is very reliable, has made a few 500 miles trips with no issues.

The good:

* 3.2L SOHC V6 24 Valve
* Runs good. Just did timing belt/water pump since it was due. The parts alone to do the tensioner/belt/pump.
* Pretty nice interior
* Auto transmission, shifts flawlessly
* Sunroof
* Power locks
* Power windows
* Pioneer CD player
* Good speakers all around (I replaced the rears with Boston Pro's)
* Wired up for subs

The bad:

* Windshield (front) has a crack. It's not spiderwebbed or anything crazy like that
* Dent on the drivers rear qtr and rear bumper is dented
* Rock chip on the passenders front fender and some dents from black walnuts on the hood and roof.

Since the pictures I put one size bigger 265/70/16 BFG's on it.

Asking 2200.00

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