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My first post.

I have a 92 trooper with a SOHC. (It blew up yesterday) My buddy has a 1994 DOHC Trooper in behind his garage for parts.

I am looking at pulling the dohc engine out and putting it into my 92 trooper.

I have read that the sohc intake swap is a good swap. I haVe a few questions however.

Do the heads on either motor need to be swapped since they are the same generation or can I just swap the intake from the sohc on to dohc with no issues? I read that someone said you have to swap the heads. Just want to clarify.

If no head swap is needed, the exhaust manifolds off the sohc go onto the dohc engine for the egr hookup. Bolt right on?

Wiring, not my strong suit. I know a plug or 2 may have to be extended. That's fine.

Is it a fairly easy job getting the dohc to work with my sohc wiring harness?

Does the ecu or ecm from the dohc need to be installed or will the sohc ecu work?

Please, if anyone has any info for me that would be great. Bonus points if you have done this swap. It's the only motor I can get my hands on and would like to make it as easy as possible. I just want a running motor in with a bit of ease and not have to change a million things.

Thanks, you guys are awesome!!
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