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Have no signal to injectors on #3 and #4 cylinders. Checked with noid light. Wiring shows no shorts. Continuity OK back to harness connectors on side of emission canister. Haven't been into dash/console yet. Wiring diagram shows 3 & 4 driven off of same main harness wire and output from ECM.

So, looking like an ECM issue. Any way to fix this without replacing on ECM? This is the second time I've dealt with injector/ecm issues. Last time was two years ago. Don't want to spend 5 franklins on another.

Any updates or mods possible? Are used ECM's from "wrecked vehicles" worth a shot?

Isn't the 1992 3.2L SOHC a "bulk injection" engine where all injectors are pulsed at once? (Diagram shows that DOHC is bulk inject.) If so would coming up with a transistor driver circuit to trigger off of one of the other ECM injector outputs be possible? Anyone ever done this?


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