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1991 trooper gauge help

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Hi, i'm a newbie around here. I just bought a 1991 trooper 2.6, 5 speed a little over a week ago. When I bought it the oil pressure gauge didn't work, I thought it must be the sending unit. Now both the fuel and coolant gauges went out at the same time. They have come back on intermitantly the last couple of days. Poking around the net I found some threads on this being a problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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This is typically caused by bad connectivity inside the gauge cluster. Usually a disassembly and cleaning, retightening of all the screws will take care of the coolant temp and fuel gauge problem. The oil pressur gauge is not as prone to problems, it could be bad but I would suspect a bad sending unit or bad connection at the sending unit as this is far more typical. Hope this helps.
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