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hey guys im new here but not new to rodeos
i have a 1989 model 2.6l 4ze1 rodeo (holden as im from aus)
the fault codes that i got from the engine light flashing were: no tach signal to ecm (number 12) and number 25 which is MAT sensor, vacuum switching valve.
now for my question, could someone explain these acronyms because i know different parts are called different things by different people??
from my diagnosis i need to change the oxygen sensor (even though the fault codes i got arent for the o2 sensor), but for the life of me i dont think my truck has one.
could someone please explain where it could be located, ive pulled multiple engines in and out of different trucks (same year models 1989) and cant remember seeing one anywhere.
usually they are situated on the exhaust manifold, but not there. or is it underneath the intake manifold? i have the throttle body and fuel rail and injectors out for cleaning.
i am new, this topic may have been brought up before, i did a lot of searching before making this topic
any help would be much appreciated
thanks in advance
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