Reluctantly selling my Trooper 2.6, 5 Speed. I bought this with intentions of keeping but having to sell due to my long commute to the office now. I had accumulated a lot of spare parts along the way as many parts are hard to find which will come with it. It drives well, shifts well, brakes well.

I actually must thank the many of you who helped answer my questions and also sold parts that I was missing to get mine running.

I love driving this rig and I have a smile everytime I get in it. Its nice to have a big windshield and the nose sits high. Not many of these around.

LS model so came with the three tone seats with arm rest.

Has the AC switches but will need to be completed.

Brand new tires (300 miles on them).
Swapped to original wheels which were painted
New windshield and rubber (previous windshield was cracked)
New sensors
New hoses
New smog pump
New PS pump
Rebuilt steering box (was leaking and I replaced all the seals)
Rebuilt IAC valve
All injectors are restored including new seals. (Have spare injectors as well).
Good compression all around (165 ish)
Has a roof rack
Has a tow hitch

Comes with (not installed yet - I will try to install them in the next few weeks if possible but no promises):
Timing belt kit
New water pump
New main front and rear seal
New seal for distributor (already replaced O-ring)

Lots of spare parts in a couple of bins that I bought incase I would need them (EGR valve, EGR pipe, IAC valve, air control valve, temp sensor, spare hoses, spare injectors, fuel rail, manifold, spare tail lights etc etc etc.).

Front seats are torn but still usable.
There is an oil leak due to distributor seal being worn
Oil leak from front main seal and rear main seal

Not in a rush to sell and not giving it away either.