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1988 2.6 Trooper Dim and Random Check Engine Light

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I am not sure if anyone else has ever had this issue or not. Research has not given me anything. My check engine light, randomly, will be dimly lit, Just enough to see it on in the day time. it will come on and get brighter and dimmer randomly. The other day it seemed to be RPM related, it would get brighter with more RPM. if you restart the car it stops. Some days it doesn't happen and other dsys it happens all day. If while this is occuring, i plug in the jumper to read the ceck engine light codes, nothing happens. The engine runs just fine when this is happening. Any ideas??
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You might have a short in the wiring where it's periodically contacting ground
Thats what I was thinking. Does anyone know if the CEL always has power and the ECM grounds it to complete the circuit? Now that I think about it, the issue usually occurs when it has been raining. hasn't been doing it the last few days, but its been dry.
Turned out to be my phone charger messing with my tach and CEL. I have no idea how that would happen, but specifically this one cheap phone charger was messing with all my electronics.
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