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1986 Trooper II padded dash

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Does anyone have a brown black or grey dash pad for a 1986 Trooper II?
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they are getting hard to find,in any decent shape or inexpensive, any more. Lorenzo might be one to contact for one. Does anyone know if they are all the same from 84-91? i have to check to see if i still have the grey one from an 89 4 door i had parted out. If i have it, its at our NC rental or our TN home we are moving to in there may be a delay for me to know for sure....but message Lorenzo on here
Thanks Ron will do, let me know about the grey one. Not sure myself if they were all the same either from 84-91.
Does anyone know if they are all the same from 84-91?
the 84-86s are different, the only part I know for sure is different is the space where the defrost switch goes is not only a different style, the hole for the panel is a different size as well(much to my dismay).
I'm unsure if there are any differences between the 87 to 91s dashes.

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Awesome! Thanks Trendie! Great info!
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