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Okay , found an obtained good donor body.

1991 Trooper has had all rebuilt suspension, heads rebuilt , and soon clutch as well , it has bad roof rot all around the drip rail a lot of fabricating and time would require , or finding a roof to cut and graft. attached in first pic .
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see the separation?

The 1986 is fairly straight no rust and great patina with beautiful paint under the grime. frame is OK but not 8.6/10 that the 91 is . So besides the piping and wiring that will be required after a lot of pictures and videos are taken I am trying to figure out if the trans tunnel on the 86 will need to be cut and corrected or if i can get away with mild body lift. i am attaching links bellow on this subject that i was ableto dig up from 12 years ago.
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I am aware of the back four body mounts needing to be modified with plate , so aware of that issue and modification that need to be made . have measurements from this forum here
Trooper- '87 Body on '89 Frame-Mods

also this guys write up helped a lot.
1986 body on a 1989 drive train

Also lightly aware of the wiring on the 86 being ran along the frame and not through the cab , though i haven't verified this in the field yet with my own eyes . read in same post as above i believe.

i guess any and all info regarding the unknowns would be greatly appreciated. especially regarding the trans tunnel.

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