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1986 pup running rough

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1.9 liter, New head, rebuilt carb, valves adjusted properly, timing 6 degrees at 800 rpm (advance is working), compression 140 on all 4 cyl's, new cap, plugs, rotor, wires, all vacuum lines ran properly, and no vaccum leaks
starts up fine, idles fine, but when I try to raise the rpms, it runs very rough and puffs some dark smoke. Its so bad, it cant be driven. I can rev it up at wide open throttle and it revs pretty smooth, but I cant rev it up slowly.
It still has all the factory emissions equipment on it. I was thinking that may be the problem.
The gas was very bad from sitting, so I drained the tank, and flushed the lines. I put about 6 gallons of new gas with some fuel cleaner in the tank, and flushed the filter. I went ahead and bought a new filter, but I havent installed it yet.
Any thoughts. what emissions parts could cause this sort of problem, and how can I bypass them.
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