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Howdy there folks. I present to you the beast herself:

Currently, she idles high and chortles and surges as she warms up. This is the quest to figure out what is wrong. The following video is the latest as to what the truck acts like. In order to solve this problem I have done the following:
1. Vacuum line replacement wherever I see old ones.
-I went to Advanced Auto and matched the size and walked out with 15 feet. Have about 3 uninterrupted feet left after everything is said and done.

2. Air cleaner assembly gasket cleaned up.
-It was torn and stuff so I just took an X-Acto knife and cut off excess until it was just flat. I need to buy a new one still but it's better than it was.

3. Rebuilt carburetor.
-Well this was terrifying. This guide saved my life though. I had it on my phone. If you choose to look at this on your phone be sure to have your charger because it WILL take that long. ... 0pdf?$PDF$

Here are just some misc. pictures of the process.
-The fuel bowl was covered in rust but cleaned out pretty effectively with some carb cleaner. The jets seemed great. I didn't rebuild it completely because I admit that I was flustered and terrified of messing up and just wanted to wash my hands of it. Pro-tip: If you ever get freaked out and frustrated by a project, get a dog. Your head will be ready to blow up and then you walk in the house and see this:
Highly recommend.

-I replaced all gaskets in the carb, the needle and seat assembly (n.76 in PDF), and pump assembly (n.53). Everything I could reach was thoroughly cleaned.

-In doing this, I twisted off a solenoid. The fuel bowl solenoid to be specific. I plan on replacing all of the solenoids on the carb once I find the damn things.

-I put it all back together and it started up (thank god) and continued doing the thing it was doing before (damn)

-I ordered a new carburetor in case that's what it needs. This is the one I got: ... UTF8&psc=1
-Upon inspection, it is missing a slew of vacuum line nipples, for example, the EGR (I think). I want to get this vehicle inspected and passing emissions (located in Maryland, if that makes any difference) eventually. I'm not opposed to initially registering as historic. I believe a car still needs to pass emissions in Maryland even if it's historic, but I'm not sure (I've only had historic diesel vehicles which I am positive are exempt).

4. Valve Adjustment
-This went well until I started turning the engine. My engine doesn't have the guide for the harmonic balancer (or they have hidden it very well) to find TDC. I will spare the finer details but during a bathroom break (where all great ideas are born) I did some reading of my Haynes Manual and realized the timing belt has to be at TDC when replaced. The topmost timing belt pulley has an arrow that must line up with a notch on the housing. This means that if the timing belt is still relatively keeping time, it would bring me to close enough to top dead center. Well, it worked! To check, I pulled the spark plug in Cyl #1 and checked to make sure it was high. This is what my spark plug looked like:

The valves were way out (both exhaust and intake over .020 in.) and I got them where they needed to be (.006 in on intake and .010 on exhaust if my memory serves correct, but please double-check before you take my word. The welfare of your engine must not weigh on my conscience)

So there you go for now. That's what I've done so far. I know I have a lot else to do. In another thread I posted someone gave me a colored diagram of my vacuum lines and I really ought to get in there and replace all of them once and for all. I am also going to attack the exhaust too. I think I have an exhaust leak in the manifold because you can't have a conversation without yelling three feet in front of the engine bay. The thing is loud and it might be messing with the EGR. If my pictures didn't come through, here is a gallery with all of them along with some others that didn't really fit. Cheers!
ALSO to repeat: if anyone is selling their carburetor solenoid bundle from their vehicle's carburetor let me know I will buy them gladly.

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Wow that is a nice looking 86!

That looks like the original paint & it looks like it was well cared for. Got any interior pics? Very nice platform to begin with.

Always nice when you walk in and find the dog like that vs. it just dropped a deuce in your house!
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