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1984 - 1990 Front 4wd parts match.

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I have access to a 1984 Trooper with working 4wd.
I own a 1990 Trooper with nonworking 4wd.
The teeth on the splines on front axils are stripped off to about 1 inch back.
Does anyone know if the 1984 has same splines as 1990 and is it possible to replace just the splines.
Any other info or gotchas would be helpful.

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The '84 stuff won't work. Isuzu switched to heavier axles front and rear in '88. I know that the '90 trooper has a 10-bolt differential, and I think 17 splines. The '84 has has an 8-bolt front, with 20 splines on the axle. Could be wrong on the count, but I know that they are very different. Your best bet would be to just get a new set of CV's, or get a set out of a '88 to '91 trooper. '92 to '97 might work, but I am thinking that they are longer. It sounds like you had the c-clips come loose in your hubs. Are they also ground out? If so, any used hubs for '88 - '95 will work. Or you can purchase Superwinches, MileMarkers, or Warns. Post back if you need more info.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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