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I must admit that I got this idea from some model airplane guys a few years back but I thought it was cool enough to pass along. They usually backed their vehicles up to the pits and unloaded large planes, only to have to assemble the wings and everything. In order to expedite the assembly, many brought cordless. But one guy got tired of charging too many batteries and decided to make an old drill plug into his cigarette lighter. I copied it.

I was given an older drill that the batteries had crapped out on.

I took the screws out of the battery and clipped the wires running to the battery cells.

I used a soldering gun to melt a new hole in the side of the plastic casing big enough to run a new wire into it.

I took an old extension cord and clipped the ends (mine had a switch wired in the middle of it, but it doesn't matter)
I attached one end to the connectors of the battery pack and the other to a cigarette lighter plug that I got from an autoparts store.

I tied a knot in the wire so that it wouldn't strain the soldier connections.
Then I reassembled.

The best part is that you can do this with an old battery pack that died AND keep using the drill with new battery packs. I realize that my drill says 14.4 volts and I'm using it with ~12, but oh well- it was free. I just thought some of you guys who might do projects around the house or based out of your vehicle might benefit from this (especially if your power keeps cutting in and out!).
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