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Here are some pics of the Blazer and Isuzu

I have a 1984 Blazer S-10, small 2.8L V6, auto, pwr drs windows, etc. Has some electrical problems and exhaust. I was going to fix it, but decided to just buy something that doesn't need as much work. I live in an apartment complex and not getting a house any time soon so I have no where to actually work on it.

The plan was to take the motor from the Blazer and swap it to the Isuzu, because well, the Isuzu is prettier lol. As far as I can tell the motor in the Blazer is pretty strong, it does need the carb rebuilt and during the swap I was going to rebuild the motor as well. The Blazer runs strong and will do 75 on the highway without a prob.

The Isuzu is the standard 4 banger. The brakes need immediate attention. The truck will start, but it takes about 15 minutes. After its running though it starts right up. The battery is brand new also. Basically I need to warm the motor up, it has not been started in a few months and after sitting it takes a bit. After that it will start every day without an issue, granted you start it every day lol.

Obviously I am not a mechanic, I just like to tinker and learn. I figured I would sell both vehicles together. So if you are interested please let me know. I have tons of extra pics of the Isuzu in action also. I really love that truck.

1986 Isuzu Trooper II "Lil Savage"
4cyl motor gas, not diesel
2 door, mostly burgandy redish
all glass is good, no cracks
currently does not pass CO emissions
bad brakes
needs suspension
frame straight, body good, bits of rust, small bang on the front
interior is bad
motor starts and runs, no smoke, actually has newer exhaust
new battery
all lights, stereo, etc work
4x4 works, lots of power in L
has issues with hills, seems like compression, maybe bad header? pretty common with these
210k miles
clutch feels strong, shifts well
no stereo

1984 Chevy Blazer S-10 Tahoe edition
31" tires, brand new
2.8L V6
Auto tranny
4x4 works, on the fly hi works also 4x4 L has tons of kick
2 dr black
body straight, bang in the front also (see pics)
I have the missing door panel for the interior. interior is ok, the front seats are pretty tore up, I put some seat covers on, thnx Walmart, the shoes laces they tie with area already torn lol
wipers were busted, hooked up to a 3 way toggle switch, motor is going bad
parking and tail lights do not come on at the moment, headlights work. I checked fuses, believe it is a problem with wiring in the rear, guy who I bought from really messed the electrical up
stereo works, but no constant wire, you can run a wire to the fuse box though, pretty easy. Pioneer AM/FM CD player DH2100 I believe
window on passenger side needs to be attached to the crank, it is missing a piece, just a trip to the junk yard

That's what I recall off the top of my head. I am being completely honest and anything I know that is wrong with the vehicles I will let you know. I do not believe the Isuzu is safe to drive due to the brakes. They are very soft and who knows if they will fail completely. I believe the master cylinder is fine. One of the calipers was replaced, but I recommend a complete overhaul.

I do drive the Blazer daily, but it can both can be sold right away.

Alright, that's a lot of info, but feel free to reply back with specific questions and photo requests. I will be happy to get a better pic of anything on the trucks you want. These are located in the very south end of Denver close to the tech center, right across from the Broncos HQ, Dove Valley if you are familiar. Zip is 80112.

$1000 obo for both vehicles.
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