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100$ timing belt and water pump component kit.

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This arrived from Amazon yesterday evening.
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Only 99.86$ delivered the next day. Of course the belt is not marked with the timing marks. At this price point, it was expected. Everything spins like I would expect it to. I'm gonna start taking all the parts off today to get to the timing belt. I have watched a lot of videos here and elsewhere and think I am ready.

My one question: the seals.
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I think these are camshaft and crank seals? Is there any trick to removing the old and installing the new?

The instructions that came with the kit were somewhat lacking:
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Just recently did my front mains as well. I highly reccomend this Lisle seal puller tool to help remove the shaft seals without gouging the mating surfaces: More Information for LISLE 58430

I was also a bit worried about not driving the seals in totally true and having leaks once reassembled, so I ordered a shaft seal driver kit which worked perfectly. But others have used just a socket and a block of wood although you may need to modify a socket to fit around the crank. Thefe are a few options but the one I ordered was from Alibaba. Search "Automotive Crankshaft & camshaft seal remover and installer kit"

Good luck man, you got this!
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