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'02 Envoy PICS ADDED 07/02/2011

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Traded the Stratus in on a super clean '02 Envoy. Bright red, dual power heated leather seats, dual climate controll, 4.2L inline 6 engine, 4wd, 81XXX miles on it, decent Michelin LTX tires. Was VERY well taken care of.
Paid $10k out of my pocket. (including giving my car in trade.) Think I may have gotten kinda screwed a little, since I could have sold my car for $1500 in my pocket after paying it off. Would have made the Envoy $9400.00 But, the conveinience <sp> of being able to just trade & wash my hands of the car was allmost woth the $600.00 extra we paid to do it this way.

Was looking for a decent Axiom, but never could find an acceptable one in our neck of the woods, so we gave up & got the envoy.

It trully is the best driving SUV I have driven to date.
(Was a tie between it and a Navigator we were also liiking at for $1k less, but had 30k more miles on it.)

UPDATED 07/02/2011:

Canan PowerShot A3100IS (NO MORE KODAK!!! YEY!!! )


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Hey Coyote show us some pics :wink:

And how are you doing? I remember you had some health stuff going on.. Hope you are doing great!
I have an 03 Envoy XL. 5.3L V-8, leather, heated seats, sunroof, automatic wipers......pretty loaded. It's very nice. When I work on movies, I rent it to production as a cast car and I drive movie stars around in it. :) I drive my own car while working and make extra money for it.

One thing you need to do right now, is check your differential fluid levels and I'm told it's not a good idea to use the A4WD setting. Something about when the 4wd kicks in and out, it can damage something in the transfer case. I'm not quite clear on the concept though.
Thanks beto. My leg pain comes & goes. Somedays it is realllllllly bad, but most of the time it is bearable.
My wife got me a pair of Compression Stockings. Felt like a queer puting them on! (They are thigh high) :roll: But they DO help, allot. I just hate wearing them! In 4 months I have wore them maybe 4 times. Hot & ITCHY AS HE..... She said "shave your legs & they wont be so hot & itchy" .......... ummmmmm, NO!
I will just hurt first!!! :lol:

As to the Envoy pics, I promice, they are coming real soon. Just have to figure out why my wifes camera has quit working,,,,,,,again,,,,,,again. POS Kodak's!!!! :lol:

Next time, I will buy a Cannon PowerShot like the one we have here at work!
UPDATED 07/02/2011
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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