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01 Rodeo - Remove AC controls?

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Just got a 01 Sport Last night... on the way home i noticed the AC Controls were off (the blue/red part), little things like that irritate me, so i was wondering hows the easier way to change those bulbs in the AC controls? or do i have to remove the whole unit?

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Yes, but it's pretty easy. I removed my a/c controls to change a bulb too, even before I got a repair manual. Remove two screws on the upper part of the speedo cluster, and pop off the a/c control knobs. Then loosen (you don't have to totally remove) the lower dash cover on driver's side to expose two more screws, one on each side of the wheel. Gently pull on the cluster trim, looking out for electrical connectors or other screws I may have forgotten. It takes a little wiggling to remove , but once you have it off the a/c panel will be held in place by four screws. I don't know how innovative you are but I was able to change a bulb without detaching the cables (I am a big fan of shortcuts). You have to be flexible and able to work upside down though. Hope this helps.
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