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Oh man. I’ve had my trooper for a year now, and I’ve been avoiding this issue for way too long. However, after a year of avoiding the highway its started to make noise on my way to work and no matter what combo of words I look up I cannot find anything similar. I have a front end… humming, whining, sounds like it’s crying, sound coming from what I though was the fans at first but now I have no idea. It seems to be only at speeds over 55+, and is not affected by acceleration or letting off the gas. It only stops once I get back down to 45ish.

I have a 2002 LS 3.5L trooper, rebuilt transmission, and honestly, no clue what this could be.
Brought it to my mechanic and they said it was the roof rack. Didn’t go back to them.

I’m including a video from ~5 months ago from the sound while I caught it, but now it’s a continuous, louder version of that noise. Not that it’s gotten worse, but sometimes I just deal with it and hope for the best going 60.

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Have you checked the oil in the front axle actuator? Not the diff, there is a separate fill/drain. Get ignores often.
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