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  1. Drivetrain Problems
    Hey everyone, Does anyone have experience with engine wire harness swaps? I have a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2L manual 2WD that needs to have the engine wire harness replaced. What's the consensus on interchangeability of the donor car specs? Obviously, it'll have to come from a V6 but is there...
  2. General Isuzu Discussion
    I was wondering what these wires are for? (1st picture) Person before me cut them and I'm trying to put everything back together to get my 1992 spacecab with the carb conversion. Little introduction I'm new here and have owned this spacecab for about 8 months. I bought it as a sight unseen...
  3. Drivetrain Problems
    New member, trying to help a friend. Long in Belize, someone gave this guy a 95 rodeo with transmission issues. I tried to help, telling him we should check all the wiring, but NOOOO, he had a buddy tell him he could swap out the trans, so he went and bought a used trans from a...
  4. Classifieds
    My wiring harness has been cut and spliced so many times by the previous owner that it barely works. Looking for another less messed up one.
    $1 USD
  5. General Isuzu Discussion
    Okay , found an obtained good donor body. 1991 Trooper has had all rebuilt suspension, heads rebuilt , and soon clutch as well , it has bad roof rot all around the drip rail a lot of fabricating and time would require , or finding a roof to cut and graft. attached in first pic . see the...
1-5 of 5 Results