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  1. Drivetrain Mods
    Finished Build: A while ago I built a skid plate for my 1994 Rodeo and want to share how I built it. Materials: (? = not exactly sure) 20" x 36" 1/8" diamond floor plate 2 - 1/2" x 6"(?) bolts with 4 washers and 2 ny-lock nuts 6 - 1/4"(?) x 1.25"(?) carriage bolts with 6 regular nuts, 6...
  2. Drivetrain Mods
    I found this link that shows options for shocks onto a variety of Isuzu's. It's not exactly complete. For instance, I used the guide for the Passport since they didn't list a Rodeo. I will personally say that I installed N8052 and...
  3. Drivetrain Mods
    I initially found a product listed by independant4x for an upgraded steering stabilizer. Link here: -Isuzu Steering Stabilizer At a bare price of $85 + shipping, I found this to be more than I was willing to pay. After a good bout of research, I found out that their kit is just a marked up...
1-3 of 3 Results