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  1. General Isuzu Discussion
    Need to replace my transmission. Open to buying new or used. Any recommended vendors? Also...Can I only move forward with the 4x2 Automatic Transmission for 3.5L Engine or are there other options?
  2. Drivetrain Problems
    So I've been encountering a problem with my Trooper. When driving on the highway and needing to pass, or accelerate when cruising at a decent speed already (55 or so) the car won't downshift from what I believe is overdrive to forth at full throttle. Releasing throttle then engaging it again...
  3. General Isuzu Discussion
    Hi folks. I want to change fluids on the manual transmission, transfer case, and differential of a 1990 Trooper. I know it takes 5W-30 in the tranny and transfer case and 80/90W in the differential but does any know how much? My Haynes doesn't give an amount. I get there is a check/fill hole...
  4. Classifieds
    Hello all, I'm working on an engine swap project, so I'm selling the parts that are coming out. The engine has a blown head gasket & maybe other problems. Gearbox and transfer case worked last I checked, but have been sitting for a while. Everything is sold as is, happy to answer questions as...
    $800 USD
  5. General Isuzu Discussion
    Hey guys, I just won a 92 Rodeo 3.1l and while I was checking out the fluids/topping everything off for the ride from the auction house home with a friend of mine and he accidentally put a quart of 5w30 down the ATF dipstick tube thinking it was the oil, I had planned on getting it fully...
  6. Drivetrain Problems
    This will be my first winter daily driving my Rodeo - 6vd1, mua5. Since I got it, the transmission has always felt quite "chunky" It doesn't shift hard or anything, but you certainly know it is high mileage. I am running the manual specified 5w30. Today was the first serious cold day (at least...
1-6 of 6 Results