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  1. Drivetrain Problems
    I’m a complete rookie with a wrench, it just took a friend and I seven days to do the head gasket on my Rodeo. I found these instructions for the timing belt in the glove box from the previous owner. Even though we installed it wrong the first time, it saved our butts big time. Hopefully someone...
  2. Drivetrain Problems
    Hey yall, i have a 92 pickup with a 2.3l that has pretty bad wear between the woodruff key and timing sprocket on the crank shaft. I discovered this while changing my oil pump, timing belt and water pump. If anyone has a spare crankshaft timing pulley/sprocket or information i would appreciate...
  3. Drivetrain Problems
    I have a timing belt but it's lacking alignment marks. I found a few posts here that tell how many teeth are between the alignment marks on the belt for the DOHC engine but none for the SOHC version. Anyone know? The belt has 203 teeth total.
  4. Drivetrain Problems
    My 95 zu pickup doesn't idle right. When I first start it and let it idle it isles around the right rpm's but coming to a stop it's like 500 rpm and sounds like it's going to die. Smell of fuel and running rich smell is strong. No fuel leaks that I can find. Timed it with a light but it;s not...
1-4 of 4 Results