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    Yup, I blew the head gasket. BUT, sometimes a set back can become an opportunity... I don't know if I'd quite say that about my blown cylinder head gasket, but it did force me to make some repairs and parts replacements that I would not have done until they probably caused problems. My head...
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    looking for items for a 89 trooper... Hello all, Looking for items for my 89 trooper 4 door: Glove box full roof rack radiator overflow tank been lucky at some yards rebuilding but some items are hard to find in good cond.. Any info will be really healpful..
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    My wiring harness has been cut and spliced so many times by the previous owner that it barely works. Looking for another less messed up one.
    $1 USD
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    My dad is looking for a part for our 1989 Trooper. Hoping one of you guys might be able to come through for him since he is having trouble! He is looking for the "Yoke on rear of driveshaft that bolts to the differianal unit" see the attached picture for the image and text.
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    Purchased a 1998 Rodeo for its engine, now that Rodeo can go! I'd like to be able to remove whatever reasonable part I can for folks before I send it to the salvage yard. Interior is grey cloth and in good condition. All glass is solid and without cracks or chips. Drop me a line and I will...
    $1 USD
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    Hey ya'll, it's my first post, yay, i usually just find the info i need from other existing threads and have appreciated the community immensely... So here I am, in need of a manual regulator replacement after a year or so of putting it off to focus on other things with the truck. But it's hot...
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    $500 firm or trade ONLY for 80’s 2.2/2.5 turbo Dodge, Chrysler Lebaron project. MUST HAVE TITLE! Non-driver - will start and drive onto trailer. Needs a battery. Has not been started in a year. 237,815 miles. I believe the 3.2 DOHC engine was at least partially rebuilt at a shop at some point...
    $500 USD
1-7 of 7 Results