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  1. General Isuzu Discussion
    Hello all. I have an 87 trooper with Auto hubs and they are making lots of noise and locking/unlocking while in transit. I want to swap them out for manual hubs and just eliminate the problem altogether. A few years back I watched a video on how to do it but now I can't seem to find it. Is it...
  2. General Isuzu Discussion
    Hello everyone, I have taken about the passengers side wheel hub assembly and replaced the CV axle and I am now doing the bearings. I have been using the Haynes manual and it says to pry out the grease seal out of the rear of the hub. However, I cannot get it to budge and I have used quite a bit...
  3. Classifieds
    Need the following parts for a 1986 diesel Trooper: Front locking hubs (24-spline). Warn or Aisin (or ASCO) manual hubs okay, also OEM Isuzu auto-lockers. Plunger-type door frame switch for illuminating interior light when door is opened. Clear plastic cover for cargo area interior light...
1-3 of 3 Results