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  1. General Isuzu Discussion
    I'm preparing to put a remanned engine in my 2002 Axiom. It's a 3.5l v6 6VE1. (Biggest project I've ever done!) The only part I'm nervous on is the computer stuff. Do I absolutely have it replace the ECM at the same time? If not, can anybody please give me an idea of what all will need to...
  2. General Isuzu Discussion
    I am new to this forum. I bought a 1990 Isuzu trooper and it runs great besides the random stalls when it drives a while. I am told it needs a new ECM with 2 inputs not 3. Can any point me in the right direction to purchase a new one? It’s a 1990 V6 Trooper.
  3. General Isuzu Discussion
    Confirmed my ecm was fried in another post, now I want to know if I can’t put a 3.5 ecm on a 3.2 . The donor is a 99 3.5 and mine is a 97 3.2 , will the 3.5 ecm work?
1-3 of 3 Results