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  1. Drivetrain Problems
    91 Trooper 2.6 manual. 257k miles, severe blowby, spun bearings. It needs a new engine. Junkyard websites say that newer 2.6s are incompatible. What's the differences between the 4ZE1 from different years/models and is there any reason why a newer one or one from a Rodeo/Amigo/pickup wouldn't...
  2. Member's Rides
    Been a while since ive been on here, not sure where i left off. Still learning the new forum layout as well. Anyways… this is my trooper, its still under the knife but it was much worse once before lol! It is a 1985 body swapped onto a complete 1991 frame, engine, trans, and driveline. I...
  3. Drivetrain Problems
    hi all been having issues after swapping the motor in my 2wd pickup. it will only go into park and the rest of the gears are neutral. checked fluid level, adjusted and cleaned neutral safety switch. linkage hits all 5 gear spots. all wiring seems good and connected well. Any Ideas?
1-3 of 3 Results