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'86 Trooper Restoration

Date: 2005, Mar 02
Author: Adam Crews

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One of the privileges of working with Tad to manage the membership of the Planet is that i get to correspond via email with anyone who desires to be on the Planet mail list. Recently, I got an email from James Heina, who has a diesel 1986 Trooper. When i found out that James was stationed at the Navy base not to far from my house, i just had to check his truck out. I am fascinated with Isuzu diesels, and it is my dream to one day own one.

James has had his truck for several years, and in that time it has seen a few fender benders. An excellent body shop made repairs that are almost inivisible. James even had the truck repainted in the original factory grey. It has the vinyl floor covering, which is also in excellent shape for a truck of this age. James has just recently started collecting all the original stickers, but still has a few more to go. He is also trying to find the orinal roof rack.

James really hasn't made any modifications to the truck, other than converting the AC over to r134, and replacing the radio. Although he has had the truck in a little bit of mud and sand, its kind of difficult to want to dirty and scratch up a truck that looks this good!

As far as the diesel go, James says its great. Its a little slow on the take off, but it has plenty of torque. Best of all, it gets 20mpg around town, and 30mpg or better on the interstate. Who says SUVs are gas hogs?